Alphabetical Index of Surnames

This page contains all of the surnames in my ancestry that have their own page on this website. For each name listed here, there are at least two generations of the surname represented in original records or reputable publications. In every case except one—Spencer, 1—such representation consists of a woman, her father, and such of their patrilineal ancestors as I have been able to establish. In a very few cases the line begins on a widow: Bennett, 5855; Baxter, 6683; Goodale, 13425, 13521; Randall, 3387; Wilkinson, 6705; and Wise, 3361. I have also composed a numerical table of surnames in ahnentafel-number order, and a table of surname pages with comments or genealogical summaries as well as bibliographical references. These tables appear on separate pages.

Created 25–28 September 2013; last updated 2 July 2023.
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