1057. Wohlgemuth


  1. Hans Jacob Wohlgemuth (ca. 1628–1678) m. ____; Kirchardt, Baden, Germany
  2. Anna Barbara Wohlgemuth (ca. 1663–1716) m. 1681 Hans Weidler (1657–1726); Kirchardt, Baden, Germany


Useful information on this family appears in Elizabeth V. Meredith, Michael Weidler: His Antecedents and Descendants (Houston, Tex., 1987), 113-4, and Annette Kunselman Burgert, Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German Speaking Lands to North America, vol. 1, The Northern Kraichgau, Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society, vol. 16 (Breinigsville, Pa.: Pennsylvania German Society, 1983), 424. Richard Warren Davis, Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners (an Aid to Mennonite Family Research), 3 vols. (Provo, Utah, 1995–9), 3:334, has an account of this family that does not differ substantially from the others. Hans Jacob left a widow named Margretha (____) (ca. 1634–1678), but the records show no direct statement that she was the mother of his children.

Related surnames

33. Weidler

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