2997. Spatchurst


  1. William Spatchurst (d. aft. 1663) m. (1) Elizabeth ____ (d. bef. 1663); Bermuda
  2. Susanna Spatchurst (d. 1723) m. 1686 Samuel Sanford (1635–1713); Portsmouth, R. I.


The best available summary of this family is G. Andrews Moriarty, Spatchurst, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 105 (1951): 236-7. Some data may also be found in Julia E. Mercer, Genealogical Notes from Bermuda, ed. William E. S. Zuill, Tyler’s Quarterly Historical & Genealogical Magazine 27 (1945/6): 231-41, at 237-8, though many of the Spatchurst entries in that work are based on information from Moriarty’s articles on the Sanford family.

Related surnames

749. Sanford

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