1481. Howland


  1. Henry Howland (d. 1635) m. Margaret ____ (d. 1639); Fen Stanton, Hunts., Eng.
  2. John Howland (ca. 1592–1673) m. ca. 1625 Elizabeth Tilley (1607–1687); Plymouth, Mass.
  3. Hannah Howland (ca. 1637–1708) m. 1661 Jonathan Bosworth (ca. 1636–bef. 1708); Swansea, Mass.


The pioneering work on the origin of the Howland family is Clarence Almon Torrey, The Howland Ancestry, American Genealogist 14 (1937/8): 214-5. An authoritative summary of John Howland’s descendants on all lines for five generations is in progress. It is far from complete, but suffices to indicate whither my descent leads. See Elizabeth Pearson White, John Howland of the Mayflower, 4 vols. to date (Camden, Me.: Picton Press, 1990– ), esp. 1:6, 2:14. The standard works on John Howland’s brothers are Robert S. Wakefield and Robert M. Sherman, Arthur Howland of Plymouth, Mass., 1640, His Wife Margaret (____) Walker, and Their Children, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 71 (1983): 84-93, and Robert S. Wakefield and Robert M. Sherman, Henry Howland of Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1633, His Children and His Grandchildren, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 75 (1987): 105-16, 216-25, 278-88.

Related surnames

185. Bosworth · 2963. Tilley

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