2963. Tilley


  1. Henry Tilley (d. 1520) m. Johan ____ (d. aft. 1520); Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  2. Thomas Tilley (d. 1556) m. Margaret ____ (d. aft. 1556); Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  3. William Tilley (d. 1579) m. Agnes ____ (d. 1582); Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  4. Robert Tilley (d. 1613) m. ca. 1570 Elizabeth (____) ?Farr (d. 1614); Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  5. John Tilley (1571–1621) m. 1596 Joan (Hurst) Rogers (1568–1621); Henlow, Beds., Eng.; Plymouth, Mass.
  6. Elizabeth Tilley (1607–1687) m. ca. 1625 John Howland (ca. 1598–1673); Henlow, Beds., Eng.; Plymouth, Swansea, Mass.


The seminal work on this family is Robert Leigh Ward, English Ancestry of Seven Mayflower Passengers: Tilley, Sampson, and Cooper, American Genealogist 52 (1976): 198-208, at 198-203. Its central conclusion as to Joan Hurst has recently been both confirmed and amplified by Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, A Fresh Look at the Parentage of Mayflower Passenger Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley: With Her Mother’s Identity and Family of Origin, American Genealogist 85 (2011): 1-8. Further discoveries in England are reported in Robert Leigh Ward, Further Traces of John Tilley of the Mayflower, American Genealogist 60 (1984): 171-3; Caleb H. Johnson, The Manorial Records of Henlow Grey: New Information on the Tilleys, Coopers, and Hursts, Mayflower Quarterly 76 (2010): 124-34; and Randy A. West, The Family of John Rushe of Henlow, Bedfordshire, Stepfather of Mayflower Passenger Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley, American Genealogist 87 (2014–5): 25-8. Information on those children of John and Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley who remained in England is given in limited detail by Caroline Lewis Kardell, An English Line from John Tilley, Mayflower Quarterly 65 (1999): 208-9, and Joy Forster, The lost children of Bedfordshire’s Pilgrim Fathers: The Tilley family of the Mayflower, Genealogists’ Magazine 26, no. 9 (March 2000): 332-5. Forster’s article had also appeared under the same title in Mayflower Quarterly 65 (1999): 322-5, with less informative charts.

Related surnames

1481. Howland · 5927. Hurst

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