5927. Hurst


  1. (prob.) Henry Hurst (ca. 1505–aft. 1565) m. ____; Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  2. William Hurst (ca. 1530–ca. 1571) m. 1560 Rose Marshe (d. 1601); Henlow, Beds., Eng.
  3. Joan (Hurst) Rogers (1568–1621) m. (2) 1596 John Tilley (1571–1621); Henlow, Beds., Eng.; Plymouth, Mass.


The outline here is based on Robert Leigh Ward, English Ancestry of Seven Mayflower Passengers: Tilley, Sampson, and Cooper, American Genealogist 52 (1976): 198-208; Caleb H. Johnson, The Manorial Records of Henlow Grey: New Information on the Tilleys, Coopers, and Hursts, Mayflower Quarterly 76 (2010): 124-34; and Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, A Fresh Look at the Parentage of Mayflower Passenger Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley: With Her Mother’s Identity and Family of Origin, American Genealogist 85 (2011): 1-8.

Related surnames

11855. Marshe · 2963. Tilley

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