3745, 15219. Ulrich


  1. Martin Ulrich (d. aft. 1654) m. ____; Säckingen, Baden, Germany
  2. Maria Ulrich (d. 1679) m. 1654 Hans Sanzenbacher (1631–1669); Unterweissach, Württemberg, Germany


The only known source of information on this lineage is Hans and Maria’s marriage record, in Evangelische Kirche Weissach im Tal, Dekanat Backnang, Kirchenbücher, Band 2, Mischbuch 1643–1763, unpaged, image 169 recto, first entry, Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart, Archion (www.archion.de/en, Stuttgart, Germany: Kirchenbuchportal GmbH, 2013–8). If further information is found, a fuller essay may appear in this space.

Related surnames

117, 7609. Sanzenbacher

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