125. Boyer


  1. Johann Leonard Boyer (1702?–aft. 1730) m. Anna Barbara ____; Westchester Co., N. Y.
  2. Johannes Boyer (1735–bef. 1810) m. Anna Garter (1733–1828); Schenectady, Manheim, N. Y.
  3. Henrich (Henry) Boyer (1773–1861) m. 1793 Sarah Misseles (1772–1841); Manheim, N. Y.; Eaton Co., Mich.
  4. Leonard H. Boyer (1797–1883) m. ca. 1818 Margarette H. Lepper (1795–1878); Manheim, N. Y.; Chester Twp., Eaton Co., Mich.
  5. Sophia Boyer (1831–1901) m. (1) 1844 Hobson Sinclair (1821?–1864); Chester Twp., Roxand Twp., Eaton Co., Mich.


A generally reliable description of this family is found in Robin Lee Boyer, Descendants of Leonard Boyer, Bennett, Boyer, Buyea, Cramer, Freeman, Hale, Huffman, Newman, Petrie, Ritter, 9-61, online <http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/o/y/Robin-L-Boyer/BOOK-0001/0003-0001.html>, updated 11 May 2003, viewed 26 May 2003. For the earliest generations in America, however, Henry Z. Jones Jr., More Later Arrivals, 1717–1776, in Henry Z. Jones Jr. and Lewis Bunker Rorhbach, Even More Palatine Families: 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Their German, Swiss, and Austrian Origins, 3 vols. (Camden, Me.: Picton Press, 2002), 1:xix-800, at 38-9, is a superior reference. There is a possibility that Johann Leonard and Anna Barbara had an unrecorded daughter Anna Maria, who was the first wife of Suerus Misseles.

Related surnames

1001. Garter, 251. Lepper, 501. Marselis–Misseles, 31. Sinclair

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