4035. Van Wagenen


  1. Aert Jacobsen (d. bef. 1667) m. Annetje Gerrits (d. aft. 1672); Kingston, N. Y.
  2. Elizabeth Aertse Van Wagenen (d. aft. 1710) m. ca. 1676 Cornelius Masten (ca. 1655–aft. 1710); Kingston, N. Y.


The pioneering accounts of this family are Gerrit H. Van Wagenen, The Van Wagenen Family—(First Four Generations), New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 10 (1879): 86-9, 107-10, and Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen, Genealogy of the Van Wagenen Family from 1650 to 1884 (Rye, N. Y.: Printed for private distribution, 1884). Notice that the family only came to assume this surname two generations after arriving in colonial New York.

Related surnames

2017. Masten

No further information on the ancestors of Annetje Gerrits is available at this time.

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