181. Stetson


  1. John Stitson (d. 1614) m. Agnys ____ (d. 1622); Modbury, Devon, Eng.
  2. Thomas Stitson (d. aft. 1618) m. 1605 Argent Lukesmore (d. 1643); Modbury, Devon, Eng.
  3. Cornet Robert Stetson (1615–1703) m. (1) 1635 Honour Tucker (b. 1613); Plymouth, Devon, Eng.; Scituate, Mass.
  4. Thomas Stetson (b. 1644) m. ca. 1670 Sarah Dodson (b. 1652); Scituate, Mass.
  5. Caleb Stetson (1683–aft. 1735) m. (1) 1706 Sarah Brewster (ca. 1682–ca. 1730); Scituate, Kingston, Mass., Falmouth, Me.
  6. Abisha Stetson (1707–ca. 1755) m. 1730 Elizabeth James (1706–1768); Hingham, Mass.
  7. Capt. John Stetson (1741–1799) m. 1766 Joanna Green (1745–1815); Boston, Mass.
  8. Joanna Stetson (1776–1851) m. 1802 Capt. William Perkins Matchett (1774–1848); Boston, Brighton, Mass.

183. Stetson


  1. Abisha Stetson (1707–ca. 1755) m. 1730 Elizabeth James (1706–1768); Hingham, Mass.
  2. Lemuel Stetson (1731–1789) m. Susanna ____ (ca. 1735–1794); Boston, Mass.
  3. Catherine Marriot Stetson (ca. 1778–1828) m. 1796 Capt. William Stevens Plummer (1766–1800); Boston, Mass.

Related surnames

1449, 1465. Brewster · 2897, 2929. Dodson · 363, 2911. Green · 725, 733. James · 45. Matchett · 91. Plummer · 5793, 5857. Tucker

No further information on the Lukesmore family is available at this time.

Comment 1: Lineage of Abisha Stetson

The English ancestry and origin of this family was first established in 1938, and was recently enhanced with new transcriptions from parish registers.[1] Consequently, the first three generations of the lineage are not in dispute. From Robert forward, however, two distinct lines of descent have been proposed for Abisha. The line set out above was originally proposed in 1985, in a book that does not provide completely satisfactory documentation.[2] Previously, genealogists had followed the earlier version set out by John Stetson Barry in 1847:[3]

  1. Cornet Robert Stetson and Honour Tucker
  2. Robert Stetson and Joanna ?Brooks[4]
  3. Isaac Stetson and Elizabeth Pray[5]
  4. Abisha Stetson and Elizabeth James

The reasons for overturning this account of the Stetson ancestry had to await the release of the relevant Mayflower Families in Progress pamphlet in 2003.[6] Barbara Lambert Merrick observes that while Isaac resided in Pembroke, Caleb lived in Kingston, the town that Abisha gave as his residence in the church record of his marriage.[7] Furthermore, Isaac’s son Abisha and his family could be identified as the inhabitants of Pembroke who were warned out of Bridgewater in 1763.[8] Abisha of Kingston and Caleb were both shipwrights, whereas Abisha of Bridgewater was a cordwainer.

Merrick thus demonstrates that Abisha exhibits more continuity in geographical placement and manner of living with Caleb than Isaac, which renders it more likely that Abisha belongs to Caleb’s family. That this genealogical adjustment gives Abisha a firmly documented birth date and his descendants a Mayflower descent adds a certain charm. Accordingly, the new account of Caleb’s family in Mayflower Families through Five Generations simply lists the Abisha Stetson who married Elizabeth James as Caleb’s son, and represents Abisha’s children as a further generation of Mayflower descendants, without indicating that Abisha’s own parentage had been disputed in the past.[9] For the resolution of that dispute, the Mayflower Families in Progress treatment from 2003 remains essential.

Comment 2: Susanna, Wife of Lemuel Stetson

Lemuel Stetson was born 27 January 1730/1, in Hingham, Suffolk (now Plymouth) County, Massachusetts, son of Abisha and Elizabeth (James) Stetson,[10] and died 13 January 1789 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.[11] He married, probably in the First Church in Boston on 23 January 1758, Susanna Irving (or Erving).[12] There is also record of a widow Susannah Stetson who died in April or May 1794, aged 59 years.[13] Given that Lemuel’s wife is the only Bostonian who matches on age and name,[14] and that Lemuel himself had died five years before, it is reasonable to suppose preliminarily that the records refer to Lemuel’s widow. Susannah’s birth date is thus fixed at about 1735.

The now-standard work on the Stetson family claims that Susanna Erving was the mother of all of Lemuel’s children. Had this publication drawn on manuscript death lists from eighteenth-century Boston, it might well have further identified her with the decedent of 1794.[15] There is, however, reason to be wary of such an identification. It is true that a key document names Susanna Studson as mother of Catherine Marriot Stetson, Lemuel’s youngest child.[16] Nor, on its face, is the identification chronologically objectionable. As we shall see, the first of Lemuel’s children was born in 1760 and the last in about 1778. Placing Susanna Erving’s birth in 1735 would make her some 25 years old at the first birth and about 43 at the last. This range is altogether typical for an eighteenth-century New England woman who lived to middle age and was married once. A closer look at the documentation, however, inspires doubts that the Lemuel Stetson family actually conformed to this pattern.

The will of Catherine’s much older namesake, the widow Catherine (Weaver) Marriot of Boston, is minimally cited in the Stetson genealogy, and its mentions of Susanna Studson, wife of Lemuel Studson of Boston, housewright, and of Catherine Marriot Studson, their daughter, are extracted.[17] But the genealogy takes no notice of the omission of all of Lemuel’s other children.[18] In view of the known residence of only one Lemuel Stetson in Boston during the eighteenth century,[19] the most likely explanation is that Catherine (Weaver) Marriot had no kinship with any of Lemuel’s family except his wife and their daughter Catherine.

The family chronology supports this observation. The known children of Lemuel and Susanna (Erving) Stetson are:

  1. Levi Stetson, son of Mr — Stutsen, bp. West Church, Boston, 3 Feb. 1760,[20] d. Wilmington, New Hanover Co., N. C., before 11 Nov. 1806, aged 47y,[21] m. Boston 20 April 1784 Mary Emmes,[22] apparently the one bp. New South Church, Boston, 20 Sept. 1761, dau. of John and Hannah (____) Emmes,[23] d. Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass., 28 Dec. 1846, aged 86y.[24]
  2. William Stetson, bp. Old South Church, Boston, 10 Jan. 1762,[25] poss. m. ca. 1794 (first child, bp. New South Church, Boston, 6 June 1795) Lydia ____.[26]
  3. Susanna Stetson, bp. First Church, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Mass., 26 Feb. 1764, the daughter of Lemuel Hutson (Boston) & [blank] his wife,[27] d. Boston shortly before 6 June 1821, aged 56y,[28] m. Boston 6 Aug. 1786 James Ferriter,[29] prob. bp. New South Church, Boston, 8 July 1764, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Allen) Ferriter,[30] d. Boston 4 April 1822, aged 59y.[31]
  4. Elizabeth Stetson, bp. Old South Church, Boston, 2 Feb. 1766,[32] d. 18 March 1815, aged 49y, unm., bur. Granary Burying Ground, Boston.[33]
  5. Edward Marret (or Merrick) Stetson, bp. West Church, Boston, 13 March 1768,[34] d. before 13 April 1789, when named as deceased in his son’s baptismal record,[35] m. (int. Boston 20 Dec. 1787) Abigail Mills.[36]

The children were baptized in different churches, but at regular intervals of two years and, in many cases, at moments reasonably concurrent with birth years estimated from ages at death. From this pattern, Catherine herself marks a sharp contrast. Not only is there a significant time-lapse between her and her next older sibling, but her church membership pattern differs drastically.

  1. Catherine Marriot Stetson, b. ca. 1778, d. Boston 20 Oct. 1828, aged 50y,[37] bp. as an adult, New South Church, Boston, 6 Dec. 1794,[38] m. there 23 Oct. 1796 Capt. William Stevens Plummer,[39] b. Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass., 5 July 1766, son of Dr. Samuel and Anna (Stevens) Sanders Plummer,[40] d. at sea 27 April 1800.[41]

Such discontinuity in chronology, associations (witness Catherine Marriot’s will), and behavior (witness the New South Church record) gives reason to doubt that Susanna Erving played the same role in Catherine’s life as in those of Lemuel’s older children. Investigation of Catherine Marriot Stetson’s maternal ancestry must await stronger evidence of her mother’s identity than her father’s one recorded marriage.


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5 This identification was made by Barry shortly after the publication of his book, on information from Isaac’s granddaughter:

The next year after Mr. Barry published his record (1848) he called on Mrs. Content Crocker, a daughter of John Stetson and a granddaughter of Isaac. She told Mr. Barry that her grandmother was Elizabeth Pray of Marshfield, and said she remembered her well. (Barry’s Private Notes.) (Stetson, Descendants of Cornet Robert Stetson, no. 1 [1933]: 56)

It is true that the mother of Isaac’s children was called Elizabeth, just as the mother of one of Robert’s was called Deborah (Smith, Pembroke Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 29). Stetson extended this identification to accord with the best Pray family summary then in print: Henry Ernest Woods, Pray of York and Kittery, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 55 (1901): 280-1. See also Susey A. Smith, Robert of Pembroke and a Few of His Descendants, in Stetson Kindred of America (Incorporated): Containing Account of Annual Meetings.—Short Biographical Sketches.—Historical Papers.—Genealogy.—List of Members, etc., [Booklet no. 4,] comp. Nelson M. Stetson (Rockland, Mass.: Press of A. I. Randall, 1914), 101-3.

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