3335. Church


  1. Richard Church (d. 1667) m. Anne ____ (d. 1684); Hartford, Conn.; Hadley, Mass.
  2. Mary Church (d. bef. 1696) m. ca. 1646 Sgt. Isaac Graves (ca. 1620–1677); Hartford, Conn.; Hadley, Mass.


Information on this family comes from Lucius Barnes Barbour, Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977), 171. Unfortunately, the parentage Barbour gives for Richard Church has long since been proved fraudulent. See Donald Lines Jacobus and Edgar Francis Waterman, Hale, House and Related Families Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley (Hartford: Connecticut Historical Society, 1952), 491-2 and n. a.

Related surnames

1667. Graves

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