1667. Graves


  1. Thomas Graves (d. 1662) m. Sarah Scott (ca. 1599–1666); Thundridge, Herts., Eng.; Hartford, Conn.; Hatfield, Mass.
  2. Sgt. Isaac Graves (1623–1677) m. ca. 1645 Mary Church (1632–1695); Hartford, Conn.; Hatfield, Mass.
  3. Mary Graves (1647–aft. 1709) m. 1666 Ens. Eliezer Frary (1640–1709); Hatfield, Mass.


Several local histories from the Connecticut valley contain notices of this family. The ones I have chiefly used are Lucius Barnes Barbour, Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977), 283; Lucius M. Boltwood, “Genealogies of Hadley Families,” in Sylvester Judd, History of Hadley (Springfield, Mass.: H. R. Huntting & Co., 1905), 59; and James M. Crafts, History of the Town of Whately (Orange, Mass.: D. L. Crandall, 1900), 474-5. For records of the family in England and the identification of the immigrant’s wife, see Leslie Mahler, The English Origin of Thomas¹ and Sarah (Scott) Grave(s) of Hartford, Connecticut, and Hadley, Massachusetts, American Genealogist 82 (2007): 107-10.

Related surnames

3335. Church · 833. Frary · 6669. Scott

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