1433. Kendall


  1. Thomas Kendall (d. 1681) m. Rebecca ____ (ca. 1618–1703); Lynn, Reading, Mass.
  2. Rebecca Kendall (1645–1713) m. 1665 James Boutell (ca. 1642–1716); Reading, Mass.


The family is conveniently described in Irma A. Rich, Kendall Genealogy: The Descendants of Thomas and Francis Kendall of Charlestown and Woburn, Mass., Set Forth in Rhyme by Anstis Kendall Miles in 1855; Now Reprinted and Rendered in Prose with Many Additions (Boston: C. E. Goodspeed & Co., 1920), 16-38, and Helen Schatvet Ullmann, A Mills and Kendall Family History: American Ancestry and Descendants of Herbert Lee Mills and Bessie Delano Kendall (Boston: Newbury Street Press, 2002), 103-7, 149-51. Thomas was a brother of Francis Kendall alias Miles and Mabel (Kendall) (Reed) Somers, both of Woburn; Ullmann’s treatment emphasizes Francis but also lists all of Thomas’s children.

Related surnames

179. Boutell

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