411. Parke


  1. (poss.) Roger Parke (d. ca. 1690) m. (1) ____; Hexham, Northumberland, Eng.; Crosswicks Creek, West Jersey; Rye, N. Y.
  2. Dr. Roger Parke (ca. 1666–1755) m. ____ ?Robinson; Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., N. J.
  3. William Parke (1711–bef. 1764) m. Sarah Jewell (d. aft. 1764); Hopewell, N. J.
  4. Penelope Parke (1738–bef. 1794) m. Richard Stout (d.1796); Western Pct., Somerset Co., N. J.


The descent of Penelope Parke from the Stout family was first adduced in Nathan Stout, The History of the Stout Family: First Settling in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey in 1666 (Bethlehem, Pa.: Geo. A. Chandler, 1929), 12, and in addenda by Sarah Weart and others compiled in 1906 or earlier, 31; and then by John E. Stillwell, Historical and Genealogical Miscellany: Early Settlers of New Jersey and Their Descendants, 5 vols. (New York, 1903–32), 4:326-7, printed in 1916. The best overall authority on the Parke family, however, is Ralph Ege, Pioneers of Old Hopewell: With Sketches of Her Revolutionary Heroes (Hopewell, N. J.: Race & Savidge, 1908), 182-212, from newspaper reports originally published in 1905. The identities of Dr. Roger Parke’s father and wife (the latter thought to be a daughter of Thomas Robinson of Crosswicks Creek, testator of 1690, who made a legacy to Roger Parke Jr.) are proposed by Dorothy Robertson Becker, The Parke Family: Earliest Pioneers of New Jersey, with Later Generations Who Pioneered in Old Frederick Co., Va. & on into Ohio & Indiana (Fort Worth, Tex.: Miran Publishers, 1979), 1-4.

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