709. Hosmer


  1. James Hosmer (d. 1605) m. Agnes ____ (d. 1614); Ticehurst, Sussex, Eng.
  2. Stephen Hosmer (1570–1633) m. 1602 Dorothy Selden (ca. 1582–1640); Hawkhurst, Kent, Eng.
  3. James Hosmer (1605–1686) m. (1) Mary ____ (d. 1641); Concord, Mass.
  4. James Hosmer (1637–1676) m. Sarah White (1643–1711); Concord, Mass.
  5. Sarah Hosmer (ca. 1659–1724) m. 1681 Col. Thomas Howe (1656–1733); Marlborough, Mass.


The English origin of this family is documented in George Leonard Hosmer, Hosmer Genealogy: Descendants of James Hosmer Who Emigrated to America in 1635 and Settled in Concord, Mass. (Cambridge, Mass.: Technical Composition Company, 1928), 6-8. These findings supersede the Iddenden connection adduced by Elizabeth French, Genealogical Research in England, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 68 (1914): 187-9. Ronald Longaker Roberts, comp., The Hosmer Heritage: Ancestors and Descendants of the Emigrant Thomas Hosmer (1603–1687) (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.: author, 1984), 107-15, supplements a good synthesis of the secondary literature with previously overlooked parish register entries. The American generations are developed from Concord, Massachusetts Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1635–1850 (Concord: town, n. d.) and from Almira Larkin White, Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1547–1909, 4 vols. (Haverhill, Mass.: Chase Brothers, 1900–09), 1:21-32.

Related surnames

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