3793. Maier


  1. Melchior Maier (d. aft. 1676) m. ____; Unterschöntal, Württemberg, Germany
  2. Margaretha Maier (d. 1694) m. 1676 Hans Bäuerle (ca. 1630–1709); Mittelschöntal, Württemberg, Germany


There seems to be no readily available documentation on Margaretha’s lineage beyond her marriage record, in Evangelische Kirche Erbstetten, Dekanat Backnang, Kirchenbücher, Band 2, Mischbuch 1590–1692, unpaged, image 123 verso, third entry, Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart, Archion (www.archion.de/en, Stuttgart, Germany: Kirchenbuchportal GmbH, 2013–9).

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237. Bäuerle

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