705. Brooks


  1. Henry Brooks (ca. 1592–1683) m. (1) ____; Concord, Woburn, Mass.
  2. John Brooks (ca. 1623–1691) m. (1) Eunice Mousall (d. 1684); Woburn, Mass.
  3. Eunice Brooks (1655–aft. 1732) m. (1) 1677 Rev. Samuel Carter (1640–1693); Woburn, Groton, Mass.


William R. Cutter and Arthur G. Loring, The Brooks Family of Woburn, Mass., New England Historical and Genealogical Register 58 (1904): 48-54, 125-36, is the basic publication on the family of Henry Brooks. An important update, especially helpful in illuminating his relationship to Thomas Brooks of Concord, is Miriam Brightman Eddy, Thomas, Henry, and Hannah Brooks of Concord, American Genealogist 54 (1976): 234-5. John Brooks Threlfall, English Origins of the Brooks Family, Massog 32 (2008): 60-4, proposes that Thomas of Concord was born Thomas Brooke, son of Thomas Brooke of Manchester, Lancashire. This family, however, does not include a son Henry, and Threlfall does not reckon with Eddy’s claim that Thomas was the brother of Henry Brooks. Threlfall’s identification cannot be accepted until this matter is addressed.

Related surnames

11. Carter · 1411. Mousall

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