11669. Forth


  1. William Forth (d. 1504) m. Margaret (d. aft. 1504); Hadleigh, Suffolk, Eng.
  2. Robert Forth (d. 1540) m. ____ Odiam; Hadleigh, Suffolk, Eng.
  3. William Forth (d. 1559) m. 1541 Elizabeth Powell; Hadleigh, Suffolk, Eng.
  4. John Forth Esq. (d. 1613) m. Thomasine (Hilles) (Crymble) Bode (d. bef. 1612); Great Stambridge, Essex, Eng.
  5. Mary Forth (1583–1615) m. 1605 Gov. John Winthrop (1588–1649); Groton, Suffolk, Eng.; Boston, Mass.


Data on this and related families appear in Joseph James Muskett, Suffolk Manorial Families, (Exeter: William Pollard & Co., Ltd., 1903–14), 1:108-31, with many abstracts from original records. Muskett’s assignment of parents to Elizabeth Powell (pp. 132-5) is speculative and relies heavily on evidence from armorial quarterings. I have not subjected this proposal to intensive analysis.

Related surnames

2917. Winthrop

No additional information on the Hilles, Odiam, and Powell families is available at this time.

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