5991. Weare


  1. Nathaniel Weare (d. 1681) m. Sarah ____ (d. aft. 1682); Hampton, N. H.
  2. Mary Weare (d. aft. 1679) m. 1660 John Swain (1634–bef. 1714); Hampton, N. H.; Nantucket, Mass.


The best account of this family in print is Charles Thornton Libby, Sybil Noyes, and Walter Goodwin Davis, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire (Portland, Me.: Southworth-Anthoensen Pres, 1929–38; reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979), 726. There has been one attempt to locate Nathaniel’s origin in England, inspired by his son Nathaniel’s use of a heraldic seal in 1693, but the results were inconclusive: Eben Putnam, Some Notes Regarding the Weare Arms, the Weares of Devonshire, England, and the Weares of Massachusetts, Putnam’s Historical Magazine, new ser., 6 (1898): 245-51.

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2995. Swain

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