2905, 5823. Clarke


  1. Jonas Clarke (ca. 1619–1700) m. (1) Sarah ____ (d. 1650); Cambridge, Mass.
  2. Sarah Clarke (1644–aft. 1707) m. 1662 Capt. Samuel Green (ca. 1615–1700); Cambridge, Mass.


The authoritative account of this family in print is now Alicia Crane Williams, Early New England Families, 1641–1700, 2 vols. to date (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2015–9), 2:59-67. Williams supersedes an essay of my own that was written in 2003, and is now withdrawn. In particular, Williams documents that this Jonas was married to Elizabeth Cook in 1673 as his third wife, and that his son Jonas, though of marriageable age in 1673, married a different woman.

Related surnames

363, 2911. Green

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