3273. Wyckoff


  1. Pieter Claesz Wyckoff (d. aft. 1686) m. Grietje Van Ness (d. aft. 1664); Amersfoort, New Netherland; Flatlands, N. Y.
  2. Mayken Pieterse Wyckoff (1653–aft. 1695) m. ca. 1676 Willem Willemsen (1651–1722); Gravesend, N. Y.


For the first generation in America, Teunis G. Bergen, Register in Alphabetical Order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y., from Its First Settlement by Europeans to 1700; with Contributions to Their Biographies and Genealogies, Compiled from Various Sources (New York: S. W. Green’s Sons, 1881), 394-8, is the most authoritative compilation. Pieter is sometimes attributed the baptismal record that states that Pieter Claesen (as per investigations of Dr. Gustav Arijou) was born in Böda on the island of Öland, opposite Kalmar, Sweden, January 6, 1625 (The Wyckoff Family Bulletin 9, no. 4 [Dec. 1945]: 47; italics in original). Sometime betwen 1930 and 1937, an expanded treatment from the same manuscript collection was published as The Old World Progenitors of the Wyckoff Family: A Genealogy, ed. William LeRoy Wyckoff and Herbert James Wyckoff (n. p.: editors, n. d.); its availability is noticed in Report of the Organization and First Annual Meeting of the Wyckoff Association in America (New York: Claesen Press, 1937), 12. In recent years, however, it has become understood more generally that accurate results are not to be expected from any research project in which Gustave Anjou had been involved.

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