2949. Smith


  1. Henry Smith (ca. 1593–ca. 1649) m. 1618 Judith Ray (1596–1650); Ketteringham, Stratton St. Michael, Norfolk, Eng.; Hingham, Rehoboth, Mass.
  2. Elizabeth Smith (1628–aft. 1695) m. (1) 1646 Capt. Peter Hunt (d. 1692); Rehoboth, Dorchester, Mass.


The basic printed account of this family had long appeared in N. Grier Parke II, The Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley & His Wife Emma Arabella Bosworth, ed. Donald Lines Jacobus (Woodstock, Vt.: Elm Tree Press, 1960), 110-2. Much of the basic documentation had appeared in print even earlier, notably Henry and Judith’s wills, in George Ernest Bowman, Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Mayflower Descendant 10 (1908): 159-64, at 159-62, and George Ernest Bowman, Widow Judith Smith’s Will and Inventory: Transcribed from the Original Records, Mayflower Descendant 10 (1908): 172-4; and James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rehoboth, 1642–1896: Marriages, Intentions, Births, Deaths (Providence: Narragansett Historical Publishing Company, 1897), 198, 838. Their marriage, and the baptisms of most of their children, have recently been discovered. These records are described in Leslie Mahler, The English Ancestry of Judith¹ Ray, Wife of Henry¹ Smith of Hingham and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, American Genealogist 87 (2014–5): 263-8.

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