5663. Riley


  1. Edmund Riley (d. 1534) m. Agnes ____ (d. aft. 1534); Halifax, Yorks., Eng.
  2. Henry Riley (d. 1591) m. (1) 1549 Jane Crosley (d. 1556); Halifax, Yorks., Eng.
  3. Thomas Riley (1554–aft. 1587) m. (2) 1579 Elizabeth Dickinson (d. aft. 1587); Halifax, Yorks., Eng.
  4. Martha Riley (1580–1627) m. 1604 Abram Gawkroger (1574–1625); Halifax, Yorks., Eng.

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I first derived this lineage from Doris Cline Ward, The Riley Family (1549–ca 1637) Sowerby, Yorkshire, excerpted in Donald Neil McMartin, Ancestors of the Neil and Hazel McMartin Family, 3rd ed. (1995), 63-4, formerly available from <http://www.webpan.com/doutberg/genealog.y/books/mcmartin/>. However, I have been unable to re-locate this source online at least since 20 June 2004. Ward reportedly also included the Riley lineage in a pamphlet entitled Mary Gawkroger/Platts Prescott (1612–after 1678), which is briefly described by Joan S. Guilford, The Ancestry of Dr. J. P. Guilford, 2 vols. (Franklin, N. C.: Genealogy Publishing Service, 1990–2003), 1:645-8. None of these publications, however, seems to include all of the marriages of the men—which are admittedly difficult to disentangle. The line as presented here is based on my own study of the parish registers, printed through 1593 in E. W. Crossley, transcr., The Parish Registers of Halifax, Co. York, 2 vols., Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society, vols. 37, 45. ([Leeds:] Privately Printed for the Society, 1910–4). This analysis is given in full in the document linked below, but readers are advised that it could be mistaken in many particulars.

A project is under way to publish transcripts, or translations in English, of the court rolls of Wakefield manor, which included Sowerby and other historic villages within the parish of Halifax: Constance Mary Fraser, ed., The Wakefield Court Rolls Series of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 16 vols. to date (Leeds, Eng.: The Society, 1977–2014). However, the records are not being published in order of recording, and little of the material printed to date relates to the time period under study here. More information about the series as a whole may be obtained from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, at <https://www.yas.org.uk/content/wake.html>, accessed 4 December 2014.

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2831. Gawkroger alias Platts

No additional information on the Crosley and Dickinson families is available at this time.

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