11677. Plumb


  1. Robert Plumb (d. 1553) m. Cicely ____ (d. 1597); Great Yeldham, Essex, Eng.
  2. Robert Plumb (ca. 1525–1613) m. bef. 1553 Elizabeth Purcas (ca. 1534–1596); Great Yeldham, Essex, Eng.
  3. Elizabeth Plumb (1560–1611) m. 1581 Richard Symonds (d. 1627); Great Yeldham, Essex, Eng.


Clifford L. Stott, John¹ Plumb of Connecticut and His Cousin, Deputy Governor Samuel¹ Symonds of Massachusetts: Additions to Their English Ancestry, American Genealogist 70 (1995): 65-74, 149-57, at 149-52, has a well-documented description of the family of Robert Plumb (gen. 2). Another of his children, Robert, was the father of a Great Migration immigrant. However, John Anderson Brayton had previously disputed Stott’s placement of Robert as the son of John Plumb of Toppesfield. Additional evidence in support of Brayton’s proposal—that Robert was actually a son of Robert (gen. 1)—was later discovered by Richard Smith of Boat of Garten, Scotland. It is included in Clifford L. Stott, The Plumb and Symonds Families of Great Yeldham, Essex: Additions and Corrections, American Genealogist 90 (2018): 241-52.

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