16031. Conyn


  1. Leendert Philipse Conyn (d. aft. 1683) m. Agnietje Caspers (d. aft. 1683); New Amsterdam, New Netherland (now New York, N. Y.), Beverwyck, Albany, N. Y.
  2. Maria Leendertse Conyn (d. 1743) m. Harmen Harmense Van Gansevoort (d. 1710); Beverwyck, Albany, N. Y.,


Bruce A. Bennett, The Origins of the Early Conines of Western Greene County, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 130 (1999): 29-35, 124-34, esp. 30-1, gives a brief summary of the relevant generations, in addition to treating the eventual settlers of Greene County in depth.

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8015. Gansevoort

Additional information on the family of Agnietje Caspers is not available at this time.

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