239. Kamm


  1. Johann Jakob Kamm m. Katharina Klotz; Bretzenacker, Württemberg, Germany
  2. Anna Catharina Kamm (1780–1848) m. 1805 Jakob Jeitter (1781–1839); Bretzenacker, Kalenberg, Württemberg, Germany


The parentage and marriage of Anna Catharina Kamm are described in Evangelische Kirche, Althütte, Kirchenbücher, 9: Kalenberg 3c, 12:89-91, FHL microfilm 1,195,513. Further research is needed in the parish of Oppelsbohm, in which the village of Bretzenacker is located.

Related surnames

119. Jeitter

No further information on the Klotz family is available at this time.

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