359. Poole


  1. John Poole (d. 1667) m. Margaret ____ (d. 1662); Reading, Mass.
  2. Capt. Jonathan Poole (ca. 1634–1678) m. Judith ____ (d. 1704); Reading, Mass.
  3. Lt. John Poole (1665–1721) m. 1686 Mary Goodwin (1671–1752); Reading, Lynn, Mass.
  4. Judith Poole (1701–1791) m. 1721 Dea. James Boutell (1699–1752); Reading, Sudbury, Leominster, Mass.

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There is an essay in print on this family, of which I was unaware when I was in the process of conducting research on this family: Marcia W. Lindberg, John Poole of Lynn and Reading, Essex Genealogist 21 (2001): 209–21. In addition to showing all male-line descendants for four generations, Lindberg offers more complete biographies of the men in this family than I do in the PDF essay linked below. However, her account omits the evidence for the first marriage of the immigrant’s daughter Sarah, which was developed by Robert H. Rodgers, Seventeenth-Century Probates and Administrations in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, New England Ancestors 2, no. 5-6 (Holiday 2001): 20-4.

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