1051. Schenk


  1. Michael Schenk Jr. (ca. 1694–1763) m. (1) ca. 1717 Anna ?Kagey (d. aft. 1743); Warwick, Pa.
  2. Catherine Schenk (1720–1760) m. 1738 Johannes Stauffer (1715–1767); Warwick, Pa.


Richard W. Davis, Four Generations of the Descendants of Michael Schenk and Anna Stauffer, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage 17, no. 1 (Jan. 1994): 28-38, is most useful as an introduction to the immigrants of this surname. Given that the Schenk family joined the Stauffers in moving successively to the Palatinate and to Pennsylvania, and then intermarried with the Stauffers, it is not improbable that the immigrant followed here (pp. 35-6) was a grandson of Michael and Anna, of Eggiwil, canton Bern, Switzerland, as Davis contends. Unfortunately, Davis has no direct evidence for the composition of the family of any one of Michael and Anna’s sons, and he too readily interprets Jr. according to twentieth-century conventions (p. 30).

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