1459. Emerson


  1. Thomas Emerson m. ____; Great Dunmow, Essex, Eng.
  2. Robert Emerson (1561–1620) m. 1578 Susan Crabb (ca. 1556–1626); Bishops Stortford, Herts., Eng.
  3. Thomas Emerson (1584–1666) m. 1611 Elizabeth Brewster; Bishops Stortford, Herts., Eng.; Ipswich, Mass.
  4. Rev. John Emerson (1625–1700) m. 1659 Ruth Symonds (d. 1703); Gloucester, Mass.
  5. Ruth Emerson (b. 1660) m. (1) 1683 Dr. John Newman (1660–1720); Gloucester, Mass.


For a comprehensive view, see Benjamin Kendall Emerson and Geo. A. Gordon, The Ipswich Emersons, A. D. 1636–1900: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Mass., with Some Account of his English Ancestry (Boston: Press of David Clapp & Son, Printers, 1900).

Related surnames

729. Newman · 2919. Symonds

No additional information on the Brewster and Crabb families is available at this time.

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