11611, 11739. Gentleman


  1. Thomas Gentleman (d. 1491) m. ____; Dunwich, Suffolk, Eng.
  2. Thomas Gentleman (ca. 1485–1540) m. Elizabeth ____ (d. aft. 1558); Dunwich, Suffolk, Eng.
  3. William Gentleman (ca. 1515–1562) m. Margaret Balden (d. aft. 1562); Southwold, Suffolk, Eng.
  4. Thomas Gentleman (aft. 1543–1599) m. ca. 1580 Christian Cock (d. ca. 1612); Southwold, Suffolk, Eng.
  5. Margaret Gentleman (ca. 1587–1664) m. Richard Ibrook (d. 1651); Southwold, Suffolk, Eng.; Hingham, Mass.


On this family, and associated ancestors of many Americans, the basic report in print is Leslie Mahler and Robert Battle, Three Great-Migration Gentlewomen: Sisters Margaret (Gentleman) Ibrook, Susan (Gentleman) (Hunter) Hollingsworth, and Joan (Gentleman) (Herrington) Youngs of Southwold, Suffolk, and Massachusetts, American Genealogist 91 (2019–20): 250-60. Among other things, the writers note (p. 251) that Thomas Gentleman, the testator of 1491, mentioned two wives in his will, Margery and Christian (the latter surviving), but does not specify which, if either, had borne his children.

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