1495, 1503. Mowry


  1. Roger Mowry (d. 1668) m. Mary Johnson (1614–1679); Salem, Mass.; Providence, R. I.
  2. Nathaniel Mowry (1644–1678) m. ca. 1666 Joanna Inman (d. aft. 1718); Providence, R. I.
  3. Mercy Mowry m. (1) Edward Smith (d. 1726); Providence, R. I.


Easily the most accessible book on the Mowry family of Providence is William A. Mowry, The Descendants of Nathaniel Mowry, of Rhode Island (Providence, R. I.: Sidney S. Rider, 1878), available online from <http://www.usigs.org/library/books/ri/Mowry1878/00PageImagesMwr/>. Equally important are the shorter studies on specific alliances in the early generations, such as Mrs. John E. (Florence Harlow) Barclay, Mary² Bartlett (Foster) Morey: Her Husbands and Children, American Genealogist 32 (1956): 193-6, and Paul W. Prindle, Comments and Corrections: Bumpus–Morey, American Genealogist 44 (1968): 232-5. The most recent synthesis of this lineage is Dean Crawford Smith, The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell, 1844–1910, ed. Melinde Lutz Sanborn (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1992), 414-34.

Related surnames

2991, 3007. Inman · 5981, 6013. Johnson · 747, 751. Smith

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