13365. Musson


  1. Hugh Musson (d. 1572) m. ____; Scalford, Leics., Eng.
  2. Agnes Musson (d. 1614) m. James Bincks (d. 1566); Rotherby, Scalford, Leics., Eng.


Clifford L. Stott, Ancestry of Anne Bincks of Scalford, Leicestershire, Wife of Nathaniel¹ Dickinson of Wethersfield and Hadley, and Mother of William¹ Gull of Hatfield, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 170 (2016): 133-44, at 133-7, 141-4, presents all the evidence that has been found to date on this family, which is based largely on wills of various members of the extended family.

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3341. Bincks

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