3371. Needham


  1. John Needham (d. bef. 1660) m. Mary ____ (d. ca. 1661); Hampstead, Middlesex, Eng.
  2. Edmund Needham (d. 1677) m. 1629 Joane Leazing (ca. 1610–1674); St. Martin Ludgate, Middlesex, Eng.; Lynn, Mass.
  3. Elizabeth Needham (1636–1661) m. Joseph Mansfield (d. 1694); Lynn, Mass.


This outline is based on Henry F. Waters, Genealogical Gleanings in England: Abstracts of Wills Relating to Early American Families, with Genealogical Notes and Pedigrees Constructed from the Wills and from Other Sources, 2 vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901, and Salem, Mass, 1907; reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981), 1:543, 2:1239-40; Kerry William Bate, Additions to the Needham Pedigree, American Genealogist 47 (1971): 146-8; and Kerry William Bate, The Needham Pedigree: Addenda, American Genealogist 49 (1973): 170-1. A summary of four generations of Edmund’s descendants appears in Marcia Wiswall Lindberg, Edmund Needham of Lynn and His Descendants, Essex Genealogist 9 (1989): 25-32, 98-104, 149-53.

Related surnames

1685. Mansfield

No further information on the Leazing family is available at this time.

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