707. Sawyer


  1. Thomas Sawyer (ca. 1626–1706) m. 1648 Mary Prescott (b. 1630); Lancaster, Mass.
  2. Mary Sawyer (1653–1740) m. 1674 Lt. Nathaniel Wilder (1650–1704); Lancaster, Mass.


On this lineage, my basic source has been Claude W. Barlow, The Children of Thomas Sawyer of Lancaster, American Genealogist 30 (1954): 74-8. Many details may also be verified by Henry S. Nourse, ed., The Birth, Marriage, and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Mass. (Lancaster, 1890). It is commonly stated that Thomas Sawyer, as well as the founders of the earliest Sawyer families of Essex County, Massachusetts, were sons of one John Sawyer of Lincolnshire: e. g. Ezra S. Stearns, E. F. Whitcher, and E. E. Parker, eds., Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, 4 vols. (New York: Lewis Publishing Company, 1908], 1:103. The most recent study, however, found no evidence to warrant that claim: Eleanor Grace Sawyer, Sawyer Families of New England, 1636–1900 (Camden, Me.: Penobscot Press, 1995), vi.

Related surnames

1415. Prescott · 353. Wilder

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