353. Wilder


  1. Thomas Wilder (ca. 1618–1667) m. Ann ____; Charlestown, Lancaster, Mass.
  2. Lt. Nathaniel Wilder (1650–1704) m. 1674 Mary Sawyer (1653–ca. 1740); Lancaster, Mass.
  3. Dorothy Wilder (ca. 1685–1755) m. (1) 1701 Samuel Carter (1678–1738); Lancaster, Brookfield, Mass.


The basic Wilder family text is Moses H. Wilder, Book of the Wilders: A Contribution to the History of the Wilders (New York: Edward O. Jenkins for author, 1878). Although records bear out many of its claims concerning the American segment of the lineage, the English ancestry presented there has recently been cast into doubt by Y chromosome studies, which indicate that Thomas’s father was neither identical with nor a near relative of the father of Edward Wilder of Hingham. For a summary of these studies, see Donald F. Hansen and Michael F. Hansen, “DNA Solves a Wilder Ancestral Enigma,” online <http://www.americanancestors.org/dna-solves-a-wilder-ancestral-enigma/>.

Related surnames

11. Carter · 707. Sawyer

Comment: Dorothy (Wilder) (Carter) Converse

Dorothy married secondly, upon intentions published at Lancaster, 15 May 1748, Josiah Converse, Esq., of Brookfield, Massachusetts,[1] and died in Brookfield on 27 May 1755, in her 70th year.[2] Josiah was born 12 September 1684 in Woburn, Massachusetts, son of James (Jr., Esq.) and Hannah (Carter) Converse,[3] and died in Brookfield, 2 May 1771, in his 87th year.[4]


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