2907. Oakes


  1. Edward Oakes (d. 1689) m. Jane ____; Cambridge, Concord, Mass.
  2. Mary Oakes (1642–1690) m. 1667 Col. John Flint (d. 1686); Concord, Mass.


The portrayal of this family in J. Lawrence Bass, Flint Genealogy, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 14 (1860): 58-60, at 59, and in Edward F. Flint Jr. and Gwendolyn S. Flint, Flint Family Genealogy of the Adventuresome Seven, 2 vols. (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1984), 1:313, is most likely correct. However, Flint and Flint maintain without proof that Jane’s maiden name was Post. It is occasionally argued that Mary Oakes was the daughter of Urian Oakes of St. Antholin’s, London, England, whose family record appears in Joseph Lemuel Chester, Genealogical Waifs, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 31 (1877): 323-4, at 324. This family does include a daughter Mary, but there is no evidence of their transatlantic migration. The given name Urian does appear in the Cambridge family, however, so some likelihood of kinship between Edward and Urian of London exists.

Related surnames

1453. Flint

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