2023. De Vore


  1. David du Four (d. aft. 1671) m. (1) Maria Boulyn (d. bef. 1657); Amsterdam, Holland; New York, N. Y.
  2. Jean De Vore (ca. 1651–bef. 1724) m. (1) Jannetje Jans; New York, N. Y.
  3. Pieter De Vore (b. 1686) m. Annatje Bisset; Albany, N. Y.
  4. Anna De Vore (ca. 1715–aft. 1748) m. 1735 Jan Dret (d. aft. 1748); Albany, N. Y.


Thos. F. De Voe, Genealogy of the De Veaux Family: Introducing the Numerous Forms of Spelling the Name by Various Branches and Generations in the Past Eleven Hundred Years (New York, 1885), 18-32, gives an early but not very detailed account of this family, incidental to his treatment of an unrelated family. Some of this data originated in James Riker, Harlem (City of New York): Its Origin and Early Annals, Prefaced by Home Scenes in the Fatherlands; or, Notices of Its Founders before Emigration. Also, Sketches of Numerous Families, and the Recovered History of the Land-Titles (New York: Printed for the author, 1881), passim, but summarized at 460-1, n. *. Betty M. Mann, comp., The Devore/De Vore Familes, 1500–1992 (Lansing, Mich., 1992), 4-12, accepts the structure set out by Riker and De Voe, and adds references to printed abstracts of wills and sacramental records.

Jean De Vore’s second wife is identified by Barbara A. Barth, Those Easy Going Van Woggelums Again, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 130 (1999): 20-8, 99-108, 197-206, at 28. As to his first wife, De Voe gives her surname as “Isselteyn” (p. 19), and Mann further identifies her as the daughter of Jan Willems Van Isselsteyn and his wife Willimtje Jans (p. 4). The surname does not appear in the baptismal records of any of her children; they uniformly name her as “Jans” only: Thomas Grier Evans, ed., Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York: Baptisms from 25 December, 1639, to 27 December, 1730, Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, vol. 2 (New York: Printed for the Society, 1901; reprint, Upper Saddle River, N. J.: Gregg Press, 1968), 127, 142, 149, 158, 172, 178, 188, 196, 233, 275. Catherine M. Deming, There Were Two Gertrude Yselstyns, American Genealogist 54 (1978): 229-30, shows no record of a daughter Jannetje in that family. Clearly more research on Jannetje is needed.

Related surnames

1011. Dret

No additional information on the ancestors of Annatje Bisset, Maria Boulyn, and Jannetje Jans is available at this time.

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