3287. Brasier


  1. Henry Brasier (d. aft. 1689) m. 1644 Susanna (Sommers) Watkins (d. aft. 1694); New York, N. Y.
  2. Rebecca Brasier (1648–1700) m. Peter Tilton (1642–1699); Gravesend, N. Y.; Shrewsbury, Middletown, N. J.


Accounts of this family appear in Richard Henry Greene, Genealogy of the Family Named Brasier, Brasher, Breser, Bresart, Bradejor, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 27 (1896): 37-42, and William J. Hoffman, The Founders of the Bras(s), Brasser, Bresser, Bries and Brasier Families in America, American Genealogist 21 (1944/5): 147-58. Hoffman notes (p. 157) that Susanna’s surname was given as Sommers at her first marriage, and Thomas at her second. A few records suggest that she was the daughter of Thomas Spicer, and Susan, wife of Henry Brasier, is mentioned in Thomas’s will, but not as a child. No member of the Spicer family witnessed the baptism of any of Susanna’s children. Hoffman regards her identification as a daughter of Thomas as unproven.

Related surnames

1643. Tilton

No additional informaton about the ancestors of Susanna Sommers is available at this time.

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