2953. Upham


  1. Richard Upham (d. ca. 1546) m. Agnes ____ (d. aft. 1546); Bicton, Devon, Eng.
  2. John Upham (d. ca. 1585) m. Joan ____ (d. 1608); Bicton, Devon, Eng.
  3. Richard Upham (d. 1635) m. Maria ____ (d. 1634); Bicton, Devon, Eng.
  4. Sarah Upham (b. ca. 1609) m. ca. 1640 Richard Ormsbee (d. 1664); Bicton, Devon, Eng.; Salisbury, Taunton, Rehoboth, Mass.


The family is summarized by F. K. Upham, Upham Genealogy: The Descendants of John Upham of Massachusetts, Who Came from England in 1635, and Lived in Weymouth and Malden, Embracing Over Five Hundred Heads of Families, Extending into the Tenth Generation (Albany, N. Y.: J. Munsellís Sons, 1892), 474-9. A short article by Harriet Woodbury Hodge, The Martins of Swansea and the Martins of Rehoboth, Mayflower Quarterly 49 (1983): 170-9, at 171-2, explores some of its transatlantic connections.

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369. Ormsbee

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