49. Clapp


  1. Thomas Klapp (d. 1624) m. Elizabeth ____ (d. 1624); Istha, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  2. Giese Klapp m. Catharina Brylande; Istha, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  3. Nikolaus Klapp m. Elizabeth Potter; Istha, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
  4. Johann Jost Clapp (b. 1669) m. Anna Margretha ____; Istha, Hesse-Kassel; Weisenheim am Burg, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
  5. John Ludwig Clapp (ca. 1711–1777) m. ca. 1735 Anna Margaret ?Strader (1717–1785); Oley, Pa.; Guilford Co., N. C.
  6. Jacob Clapp (1749–1832) m. 1772 Anna Barbara Foust (1752–1837); Guilford Co., N. C.
  7. John Ludwick Clapp (1785–1862) m. (2) Elizabeth Friddle (1794–1891); Guilford Co., N. C.; German (now Liberty) Twp., Darke Co., Ohio
  8. Tempa Clapp (1824–1909) m. ca. 1857 John M. Lutz (1828–1869); Neave Twp., Darke Co., Ohio; Ward Twp., Randolph Co., Ind.


The finest published genealogy of this family is Joseph H. Vance, Albright, Clapp, Burk Families, Including: Philip and Anna (Clapp) Albright, Their Ancestors and Descendants (Lombard, Ill.: author, 1987), 242-69. Although Vance does not reference most of his facts, most of the research was clearly conducted in the records of the Brick Church in east-central Guilford County, North Carolina. The first three generations, based on preliminary research in Germany, should be regarded as provisional.

Related surnames

197. Faust–Foust · 99. Friedli–Friddle · 3. Lutz

No additional information about the Potter and Brylande families is available.

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