16803. Neukommet


  1. Hans Neukommet (ca. 1552–aft. 1591) m. Margaret Frutigen (d. aft. 1591); Eggiwil, kt. Bern, Switzerland
  2. Barbara Neukommet (1591–aft. 1628) m. 1605 Ulrich Galli (1589–aft. 1653); Eggiwil, Geibel, kt. Bern, Switzerland


This summary is adapted from Richard Warren Davis, Emigrants, Refugess and Pioneers (an Aid to Mennonite Family Research), 3 vols. (Provo, Utah, 1995–9), 1:282, where Hans is shown as possibly a son of Peter and Barbli (Boss) Neukommet, and possibly also a grandson of Christian Neukommet, an Anabaptist of Eggiwil in 1544.

Related surnames

8401. Galli

No further information on the Frutigen family is available at this time.

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