1455. Kneeland


  1. John Kneeland (1632–1691) m. ca. 1658 Mary Hawkins (d. aft. 1692); Roxbury, Mass.
  2. John Kneeland (1668–bef. 1742) m. ca. 1691 Mary Green (1669–aft. 1735); Boston, Mass.
  3. Mary Kneeland (1692–aft. 1742) m. (1) 1718 Andrew Brown (ca. 1691–1722); Boston, Mass.

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The basic source on this family is Stillman Foster Kneeland, Seven Centuries in the Kneeland Family (New York, 1897). Statements in this book cannot always be verified by reference to readily available records, but the basic outline appears to be correct. In my own summary of this family, accessible via the link below, I refer to Kneeland for details that I could not independently confirm.

Related surnames

727. Brown · 363, 2911. Green · 5821. Hawkins

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