11999. Freeman


  1. Edmund Freeman (d. 1623) m. Alice Coles (d. bef. 1652); Pulborough, Sussex, Eng.
  2. Edmund Freeman (1596–1682) m. (1) 1617 Bennet Hodsoll (1596–1630); Pulborough, Billingshurst, Sussex, Eng.; Sandwich, Mass.
  3. Elizabeth Freeman (1624–bef. 1692) m. John Ellis (ca. 1620–bef. 1677); Sandwich, Rochester, Mass.


This family has been much studied, with sometimes conflicting interpretations of the records. The most comprehensive accounts in print are Mary Walton Ferris, Dawes–Gates Ancestral Lines: A Memorial Volume Containing the American Ancestry of Rufus R. Dawes, 2 vols. (privately printed, 1931–43), 2:349-56, and N. Grier Parke II, The Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley and His Wife Emma Arabella Bosworth, ed. Donald Lines Jacobus (Woodstock, Vt.: Elm Tree Press, 1960), 24-7. More recently, Rosemary J. Canfield, Edmund Freeman of Sandwich, Mass., Second Boat 5 (1984/5): 15-6, 18, and Henry J. Perry, Elizabeth (Who?) Freeman, Mary (Who?) Freeman Perry, Mrs. Sarah (Who?) Perry of Sandwich, Plymouth Colony, Second Boat 5 (1984/5): 15, 17-8, calls attention to other relevant records.

Related surnames

5999. Ellis · 23999. Hodsoll

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