1009. Oosterom


  1. Hendrick Janszen Oosterom (d. aft. 1666) m. (1) 1652 Tryntje Lubbertse Van Blericum (d. bef. 1666); New Amsterdam, New Netherland; Bergen, N. J.
  2. Jan Hendrickszen Oosterom (1657–aft. 1715) m. (2) Mageltie Roelofsze (d. aft. 1703); Midwout, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
  3. Jan Oosterom Jr. (1703–aft. 1742) m. bef. 1725 Blandina Relje (1706–aft. 1742); New York, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
  4. Magdel Oosterom (ca. 1728–aft. 1794) m. 1749 Benjamin Van Vliet (1723–aft. 1794); Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Schenectady, N. Y.


Walter Kenneth Griffin, The Dutcher Family: To the Births of the Fifth Generation, with a Few Notes as to Subsequent Members, and as to the Ancestors of Allied Families. Also, the Revolutionary Members, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 30 (1909): 185-93, 249-58, gives an overview of those members of the family whose baptisms were recorded. Unfortunately, Griffin does not reckon with lacunae in the records, nor offer a definite placement of Magdel, wife of Benjamin Van Vliet. The reconstruction here was first proposed by James Harder, Magtel Ostrom & Benjamin Van Vliet, Ostrom-L, 11 Mar 2008, online <http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/OSTROM/2008-03/1205265585>. There is considerable circumstantial evidence in favor of the proposal, not all of which was considered by Harder and other writers to Ostrom-L. A summary is included my account of the Van Vliet family.

Griffin’s treatment of the second and third generations of this line also requires a brief comment. Jan Oosterom Junior, with his wife Blandina Relje, was having children at the same time as the one who had married Jannetje Relje. Griffin interpreted these facts to mean that Jan Hendrickszen Oosterom had two sons of that name, but they do not give sufficient reason to place three men in the family, nor to rule out Jannetje’s placement as a second wife of Jan Hendrickszen. Similarly, Griffin maintains Jannetjen Relje was without doubt a dau. of Denyse Areyns Relje and Jannetje Le Roy. Mary Knight Crane, Relyea (Reille or Relje) Family, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 65 (1924): 62-9, at 62, states instead that Jannetje Relje, wife of Benjamin Walker, was possibly a daughter of Denis. Both of these claims are clearly based on baptismal records that show each man with a wife of this name: Oosterom in 1723–39, and Walker in 1742. In the absence of a marriage record in either case, as well as of any other man in the Relje family to whom a daughter could have been born in time to marry either man, there is no reason not to assign both marriages in sequence to the same woman.

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