6691. Bent


  1. John Bent (d. 1588) m. Edith ____ (d. aft. 1601); Weyhill, Hampshire, Eng.
  2. Robert Bent (1566–1631) m. 1589 Martha Gosling (d. 1639); Weyhill, Hampshire, Eng.
  3. Agnes Bent (ca. 1631–1713); Dea. Edward Rice (1622–1712); Sudbury, Marlborough, Mass.


This family was first described in detail by E. C. Felton, The English Ancestors of John Bent, of Sudbury, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 49 (1895): 65-7. Helen Schatvet Ullmann, Notes on a Line from Henry¹ Adams, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 153 (1999): 213-20, at 219, updates Felton’s research.

Related surnames

209, 3345. Rice

No information on the Gosling family is available at this time.

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