23599. Stanton


  1. Nicholas Stanton (d. 1559) m. ____; Stratton St. Michael, Suffolk, Eng.
  2. Elizabeth Stanton (d. aft. 1614) m. 1568) Thomas Walby (bef. 1538–1614); Stratton St. Michael, Norfolk, Eng.


See Leslie Mahler, The English Ancestry of Judith¹ Ray, Wife of Henry¹ Smith of Hingham and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, American Genealogist 87 (2014–5): 263-8. Note that even though Nicholas named a wife in his will, he also named the elder Robert my sonne and the younger Robert my sonne. In an editorial, Nathaniel Lane Taylor notes that this is traditionally taken as evidence against attributing all of a testator’s children to the same wife, but also that such a presumption is not always correct: Brothers from Another Mother? American Genealogist 87 (2014–5): 318. The maternity of Elizabeth (Stanton) Walby is still unresolved.

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11799. Walby

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