1487. Cole


  1. James Cole (d. aft. 1680) m. 1625 Mary Tibbes (d. aft. 1678); Barnstaple, Devon, Eng.; Plymouth, Mass.
  2. Hugh Cole (ca. 1627–1700) m. (1) 1655 Mary Foxwell (b. 1635); Swansea, Mass.
  3. Hannah (Anna) Cole (1664–1704) m. 1684 William Salsbury (1659–1726); Swansea, Mass.


The basic work on this family is Ernest Byron Cole, The Descendants of James Cole of Plymouth, 1633: Also a Record of the Families of Lieutenant Thomas Burnham, of Ipswich, 1635, Lieutenant Edward Winship, of Cambridge, 1635, and Simon Huntington, of Norwich, England, 1635, With a Complete Record of the Cole, Coole, and Cowle Families of America in the Revolution (New York: Grafton Press, 1908). In recent years, this account has undergone extensive reexamination in the early American generations. Most relevant to this lineage are Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620–1633, 3 vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), 1:422-3, and Janet K. Pease and Robert S. Wakefield, Additions to the Family of Hugh² Cole (ca. 1627–1699) of Swansea, Mass., American Genealogist 64 (1989): 139-41. See also Robert S. Wakefield and Alice H. Dreger, The Wives and Children of James² Cole (circa 1625–1709) of Plymouth, Massachusetts, American Genealogist 67 (1992): 243-5; and Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, John² Cole of Plymouth and Swansea, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island: With Additional Corrections to the Cole Literature, American Genealogist 81 (2006): 122-32, 238-45, which partially supersedes Anderson’s account of James¹ Cole.

Related surnames

2975. Foxwell · 743. Salsbury

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