2819, 11923, 12003. Leete


  1. John Leete (d. 1551) m. Ellen Burgoyne (d. bef. 1564); Little Eversden, Cambs., Eng.
  2. Robert Leete (d. ca. 1598) m. 1573 Alice Grundy (d. aft. 1598); Great Eversden, Cambs., Eng.
  3. Phebe Leete (1585–ca. 1643) m. ca. 1611 George Parkhurst (ca. 1588–1675); Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng.


The fullest available work on the Leete family is Joseph Leete and John Corbet Anderson, The Family of Leete, 2nd ed. (London, 1906), which does not connect the Leete and Parkhurst families. John Plummer, comp., The Ancestry of George Parkhurst & Phebe Leet, in John Brooks Threlfall, Fifty Great Migration Colonists to New England & Their Origins (Madison, Wis., 1990), 255-88, relies heavily on this earlier work. Evidence for the identification of Phebe Leete as first wife of George Parkhurst is discussed in William H. Whitmore, The Dalton and Batcheller Pedigree, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 27 (1873): 364-9; Edson Salisbury Jones, The Family of George Parkhurst of Watertown and Boston, Mass., New England Historical and Genealogical Register 68 (1914): 370-5; and John B. Threlfall, Phebe Leet, Wife of George Parkhurst, American Genealogist 52 (1976): 113. John Anderson Brayton, Leete Clues, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 174 (2020): 139-40, has a summary of a chancery suit concerning land that John Leete held in right of his wife in 1549–50. Unfortunately, this record does not extend her ancestry.

Related surnames

1409, 5961, 6001. Parkhurst

No additional information on the Burgoyne and Grundy families is available at this time.

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