417. Gaylord


  1. Dea. William Gaylord (ca. 1585–1673) m. ____; Crewkerne, Somerset, Eng.; Windsor, Conn.
  2. William Gaylord (1617–1656) m. (1) 1642 Ann Porter (1621–1653); Windsor, Conn.
  3. William Gaylord (1651–1680) m. 1671 Ruth Crow (d. bef. 1688); Windsor, Conn.; Hadley, Mass.
  4. Samuel Gaylord (1676–1734) m. 1702 Mary Dickinson (1678–aft. 1751); Hadley, Mass.
  5. Sarah Gaylord (1709–1790) m. 1732 Jonathan Cowles (1703–1776); Hadley, Amherst, Mass.


The basic source on the origins of this family is John Insley Coddington, Clues to the English Home of William¹ Gaylord, of Dorchester, Mass., and Windsor, Conn., American Genealogist 17 (1940/1): 71-4, amplified by Benjamin H. Gaylord, The English Ancestry of Deacon William Gaylord: New Light and Observations, American Genealogist 58 (1982): 218-23. Among other things, Gaylord urges against rushing to connect the immigrant with the family long established at Pitminster, Somerset. Maude Pinney Kuhns, The Mary and John: A Story of the Founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630 (Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Publishing Co., 1943), 29-31, heeds no such caution, but is nevertheless useful for the early American generations. The basic source for the immigrant’s son William² is now Alicia Crane Williams, Early New England Families, 1641–1700, 2 vols. to date (2015–9), 1:93-7. On the children of William³, I have relied on Lucius M. Boltwood, Genealogies of Hadley Families, in Sylvester Judd, History of Hadley (Springfield, Mass.: H. R. Huntting & Co., 1905), 55.

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