835. Dickinson


  1. (poss.) Gabriel Dickinson (d. 1570) m. ____; Billingborough, Lancs., Eng.
  2. Waters Dickinson (ca. 1530–1591) m. Alice ____ (d. 1596); Billingborough, Lancs., Eng.
  3. John Dickinson (1564–1637) m. ca. 1598 Elizabeth ____ (d. 1609); Billingborough, Lancs., Eng.
  4. Nathaniel Dickinson (1601–1676) m. 1623 Anna (Bincks) Gull (1604–d. aft. 1671); Billingborough, Lincs., Eng.; Wethersfield, Conn.; Hadley, Mass.
  5. Lt. Nehemiah Dickinson (1643–1723) m. ca. 1671 Mary Cowles (b. 1654); Wethersfield, Conn.; Hadley, Mass.
  6. Mary Dickinson (1678–aft. 1751) m. 1702 Samuel Gaylord (1676–1734); Hadley, Mass.


There have been three successive compilations of this family in America: Addie M. Dickinson and Dickinson Association, Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson (Windsor, Conn.: Dickinson Association, 1955); Elinor V. Smith, comp., Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson (n. p.: Dickinson Family Association, 1978); and Margaret Buckridge Bock, Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, 3rd ed. (n. p.: Dickinson Family Association, 2006). The data on my lineage do not differ substantially from one edition to the next, and information on the last two generations also appears in Calvin Duvall Cowles, The Genealogies of the Cowles Families in America, 2 vols. (New Haven, Conn.: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Co., 1929), 1:34-5. Bock, pp. v-vii, also gives a condensed version of the English origins presented in Clifford L. Stott, The Correct English Origins of Nathaniel Dickinson and William Gull, Settlers of Wethersfield and Hadley, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 151 (1997): 159-78. Most recently, the origin of his wife has been discovered as well: Clifford L. Stott, Ancestry of Anne Bincks of Scalford, Leicestershire, Wife of Nathaniel¹ Dickinson of Wethersfield and Hadley, and Mother of William¹ Gull of Hatfield, New England Historical and Genealogical Register 170 (2016): 133-44.

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3341. Bincks · 13, 1671. Cowles · 417. Gaylord

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